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City Development

Sergey Malakhov, Jane Repina
Tolyatti. Three Roads
№4 (35) December 2009

Marina Avdeeva
The Third Place: New Approach to Work
№4 (35) December 2009

Elena Zelentsova
Creative economics and city development Thoughts on prospects of creative clusters in Russia.
№ 2 (33) June 2009

Vladimir Knyaginin
Cultural Industry in the City Why do cities need creative spaces? In what way their projection is connected with strategies of territorial development?
№ 2 (33) June 2009

Peter Englen
Subtopia: Swedish Passions for Creation Creation and strategies of a famous in Sweden creative cluster - Subtopia.
№ 2 (33) June 2009

Ekaterina Gandrabura
Delicious History - Chance for Kolomna In 2007 with the help of grant contest ‘The Changing Museum in the Changing World’ of Vladimir Potanin’s foundation a private museum ‘Pastila of Kolomna’ was opened.
№ 2 (33) June 2009

Mikhail Nemtsev
City is Bigger than It Seems Subcultures – Threat to the Society or Source of Development?
№1 (32) March 2009

Ekaterina Gandrabura
City Athenaeum
The University is often the main enterprise in the city, an organic part of its image, thereby plays an essential role in the development of the city territory. How do the cities use the capabilities of the educated people? What kind of relation between city and its university would be healthful?
№2 (29) June 2008

Sergey Zuev
Applied Intellect and Future of University Cities
The University education reform should be coordinated firstly not with the education itself, but with Russian ontology and practice of power.
№2 (29) June 2008

Ekaterina Zmeeva
New City in Togliatti The general aim of the Forum was announced as: “arrangement of conditions for effective use of architecture and design in the process of social and economic development of cities and increase of their investment attraction”.
№1 (28) March 2008

Irina Korobjina
Main Totals
№1 (28) March 2008

Sergey Kovalevsky
FREAK OF THE IMAGINATION: the creative spaces of Great Britain Manchester, the second English city (after London), experienced a lingering collapse of industrial production in the second half of the XX century. In our time the city is one of the centers of new economy oriented to creative industries.
№3 (26) October 2007

Nikolai Pryanishnikov
The appropriation of history
We shall continue the discussion of problems concerning the social stability of a city basing on one of the fundamental, strategic categories of a place – its history. Global or national chronicles concede to local and personal ones.
№4 (23) December 2006

Local Societies’ Funds – a New Kind of Russian Charitable Foundations
The question of development methods for local society and involving all levels of population into the process of social and cultural structuring became one of the main discussion topics during the Second International Forum of the 60th Parallel Cities. A number of stable organizations that give grants were presented during the conclusive round table discussion.
№4 (23) December 2006

Irina ProkhorovaIrina Prokhorova
Broad lands of my country, or We are living without feeling the country…
Nowadays the importance of charity to the modern culture is obvious not only for the educated society but also for some “advanced” bodies of government. Therefore, we are not going to discuss this trite topic. However, the thesis, which states that charitable foundations are the best way of investigating “the enigmatic Russian soul”, should be proved. So, we are going to expand on this issue.
№3 (22) September 2006

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