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Questions of Proficiency

Elena Petrushanskaya
Experience of Overcoming Wrong Experience What professionalism is? In what way has it been understood before? What is the role of amateurs in culture, in advancing human thought, in overcoming inertness of the professional experience? Where are the limits of the amateurishness?
№ 2 (33) June 2009

Vladimir Gritzenko, Vladimir Dukelsky, Sergey Kropotov, Tatyana Gafar, Tatyana Kalugina
Round-Table Talk: Professionalism and Amateurishness in Cultural Heritage Formal approach to managing culture replaces key notions, such as: professional ethics, tradition and professional position. Is it a new subject?
№ 2 (33) June 2009

Mikhail Nemtsev
New Category of Professionals. Interview with Nikolai Pryanishnikov It is profusion to have among your employees experts with profound knowledge in certain spheres. Era of transprofessionals is coming.
№ 2 (33) June 2009

Roman Evstifeev
Sovereign Expertocracy or Dreams about Something Bigger Review of a published in 'Europe' publishing house book of Andrey Ashkerov 'Expertocracy. Managing Knowledge: Production and Circulation of Information in Capitalistic Era'. Recent revelation book on the structure of ruling powers is offered at reasonable price but is evidently elitist by its hidden ideas.
№ 2 (33) June 2009

Semen Ermakov
Why We Need New Youth Policy What youth is, if it needs special policy?
№1 (32) March 2009

№2 (17) June 2005

Sergey Zuev
Applied Intellect and Future of University Cities
The University education reform should be coordinated firstly not with the education itself, but with Russian ontology and practice of power.
№2 (29) June 2008

Evgeny Dukov
What are we to do with holidays?
The social function of the holiday becomes prevailing for public life as a whole and for the economics of local communities. Meanwhile, artificial holidays turned into the obligatory element of the technology of history reanimation in the name of this day. What is the present holiday culture? And why do we need so many holidays?
№1 (24) March 2007

Endowment is in Russia already The specific capital law for nonprofit organizations including municipal and state institutions promises considerable possibilities of formation of additional financing sources and it is unexampled in Russia’s practice.
№1 (24) March 2007

Alexander Dolgin
Is the market without copyright possible?
The article issues from problems of the new legislation of intellectual property protection as well. But here the author is interested not so much in juridical casuistry as in the sense and the future of copyright, of this pillar of the modern commercial culture, in the conditions of impetuous development of informational technologies. What is the alternative?
№1 (24) March 2007

Vladimir Maksimov
Special purpose of educational space
№1 (24) March 2007

Mikhail Nemtsev
Patriotism – self-identity or Remain oneself. Interview with A. Popov
The interview with A. Popov, the scientific director of the Open Corporate University « The Liberal Education School», the candidate of philosophic science, was made by the graduate and tutor of the LES Michael Nemtsev. The material gives the idea of civil and professional position of the LES leaders and answers the questions about the technology’s principals.
№3 (22) September 2006

Alexei Lebedev
What is result in culture?
It is an interesting question. It is hardly possible to measure this result with help of norms and various indicators to what the Ministry of Finance calls upon, and what is ready to listen the head of government cabinet. Russian national culture, as it seems, to this very day it is mostly what we have as a heritage from 19-th century. Samples of civil behaviour, spiritual and philosophic findings, samples of honour, dignity, ethics of human relationship come from there. And all this is a cultural result of the epoch. Was there cultural policy then? I think, no. But there probably was a social order, not governmental but namely social, an order of certain layers of a society, an order to oneself. Today, a Minister of Defence expressed himself about moronity of a nation. So how to act? We should act by means clear to organization men that is to turn all notions into numbers and plan it for years. At that somebody has to describe final result for which government is ready to pay. However, who is this ‘somebody’? Director of a theatre? Head of cultural department?.. The government does not formulate national strategy, apart from ‘to heighten vertical line’… Overcoming perplexity, professional community reflects on this subject. Now the word is given to Alexei Lebedev, the expert of Russian Institute of Cultural Science.
№4 (15) December 2004

Oleg Boiko
What does the Work Start with?
A municipal Сenter of Cultural Programs was established two years ago in Surgut. A small team of specialists can do works on organizing cultural events of any complexity due to 3D technologies that are wide used in architecture, mechanical engineering and advertising industries.
№1 (16) March 2005

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