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European Experience

Vladimir Knyaginin
Cultural Industry in the City Why do cities need creative spaces? In what way their projection is connected with strategies of territorial development?
№ 2 (33) June 2009

Peter Englen
Subtopia: Swedish Passions for Creation Creation and strategies of a famous in Sweden creative cluster - Subtopia.
№ 2 (33) June 2009

David Kipen
Would somebody please pinch me?
Director of National Reading Initiatives of the National Endowment for Arts (USA) tells, 'After seeing how well people respond to the chance to share a book with their next-door neighbors, we naturally couldn’t help wondering whether the idea might work...'
№1 (32) March 2009

Nikolai Pryanishnikov
LAMBRARY: Library + Museum + Archive
European trends in new cultural institutes and Gjerdrum experience (Norway).
№1 (32) March 2009

Yelizaveta Ignatieva
Good but impossible About difficulties of coming from object to environment models of cultural institutions in Russia.
№1 (32) March 2009

№2 (17) June 2005

Sergey Kovalevsky
FREAK OF THE IMAGINATION: the creative spaces of Great Britain Manchester, the second English city (after London), experienced a lingering collapse of industrial production in the second half of the XX century. In our time the city is one of the centers of new economy oriented to creative industries.
№3 (26) October 2007

Endowment is in Russia already The specific capital law for nonprofit organizations including municipal and state institutions promises considerable possibilities of formation of additional financing sources and it is unexampled in Russia’s practice.
№1 (24) March 2007

№3 (18) September 2005

Linda Moss
Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire
Sheffield's Cultural Industries Quarter has been working for 20 years. It was a pioneer of now well developed in Europe and is being promoted in Russia. What can be learned from this pioneering example?
№4 (15) December 2004

№3 (14) September 2004

Linda Moss
Constructing White Elephants
Why do some big investment projects on creationg cultural centres fail? What do we need to think of to avoid a loud void in places that were created for people to spend their time? The British expert on cultural industries, Linda Moss, recounts how to avoid irretrievable mistakes while planning dimensioned cultural projects.
№1 (16) March 2005

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