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Mikhail Nemtsev
Towards Mass Training: 'Liberal Arts School’ Session as a Case
Massovisation is a natural stage of a humanitarian project development. The author of the text explains the concept of massovisation and provides a concrete case-study of such project working in Russian education.
№4 (31) December 2008

Victor Goloshchapov
School from the Future. Ust-Ilimsk Experimental Lyceum Siberian Ust-Ilimsk fights a victory over a determined dead-end fate of a city of Baikal-Amur Mainline epoch since it is charged by innovative energy of its citizens. It is seen most of all in the sphere of education.
№4 (31) December 2008

Elena Mikheeva
What the teacher must know how to do On the advantages of new educational technologies and good of entering of the SLE into the mass school (only in Russian).
№4 (27) December 2007

Management in culture sphere. Distance education.
№4 (19) December 2005

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