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№2 (17) June 2005

Jazz festival is a festival uniting the city About the place of lively events as an alternative for customary actions in the city space. Five lessons for those who risked organizing an informal city festival by the example of Saint Petersburg Petropavlovsk Jazz Festival.
№1 (24) March 2007

Efim Rezvan
Our treasures
About contemporary approaches to the creation of the museum exhibition.
№1 (20) March 2006

№3 (18) September 2005

№3 (14) September 2004

Oleg Boiko
What does the Work Start with?
A municipal Сenter of Cultural Programs was established two years ago in Surgut. A small team of specialists can do works on organizing cultural events of any complexity due to 3D technologies that are wide used in architecture, mechanical engineering and advertising industries.
№1 (16) March 2005

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