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Round-table discussion

№2 (17) June 2005

№2 (17) June 2005

Electronic Libraries: initiatives from top and below
According to the approved 4th part of Civil Code of Russian Federation since the 1st January 2008 many Russian electronic libraries as they exist will be outlawed. The demand to defend the copyright forced to look for the new forms of relationship with right owners (authors, publishing houses, translators…) as well as with readers.
№4 (27) December 2007

RECOMMENDATION SERVICE - a tool to fight with the degradation of taste The advent of multicultural recommendation service in Russia launched discussion of cultural scientists and critics. The degradation of people’s cultural taste and how to fight with it is the main question.
№3 (26) October 2007

Symbolic Economy and Non-Symbolic Result in Culture
The discussion materials on the subject “Management in the Sphere of Culture” held in the Russian Academy of Public Administration, the Russian Federation
№2 (25) June 2007

Cultural Ja$$ For participation in what sphere of culture people are ready to pay money      
№2 (25) June 2007

Local Societies’ Funds – a New Kind of Russian Charitable Foundations
The question of development methods for local society and involving all levels of population into the process of social and cultural structuring became one of the main discussion topics during the Second International Forum of the 60th Parallel Cities. A number of stable organizations that give grants were presented during the conclusive round table discussion.
№4 (23) December 2006

№1 (20) March 2006

Nika Garkalina
The entrance after the third ring is permitted.
About theatrical practices in clubs and a little about modern public.
№1 (20) March 2006

How can you find your hero.
Is the state ideology necessary? About the problem of a hero in the life of a modern young person.
№1 (20) March 2006

Everyone must churn one’s own piece of butter. About the nationally oriented system of upbringing and possibilities of the cultural sphere.
№1 (20) March 2006

Marc Maure
MIRROR, WINDOW OR SHOWCASE? The museum as an identification instrument for the community
In the thick of modernisation, changing or moving to the new economic conditions of museum activity we often forget the essence of a museum that works with the people’s memory. The author raises a question about priorities without denying impartial changes and appearance of some new museum functions.
№4 (19) December 2005

Anah Glinska
Apple jam as a tool of cultural policy Anah Glinska that presents the best museum projects on the European Festival – The Best in Heritage tells about the examples of the vivid museum practice. The principle of selection comes to the main mission of a museum that is preservation, awakening of the active historical memory and the feeling of the original in our consciousness.
№4 (19) December 2005

The contest "The Changing Museum in the Changing World" as a developing project
The grant contest ”The Changing Museum in the Changing World” is declared for museums in Russia for the third year. It is interesting that the private Fund of Vladimir Potanin is the interested party in museum development, in its adaptation to market conditions. He picked up the initiative that George Soros has once began. The project is developing actively and it means that it has got in active environment. What assigns primary importance of changes? Is museum activity appropriate to the project frame, given trends and priorities?
№4 (19) December 2005

№4 (19) December 2005

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