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School of Liberal Education

Boris Elkonin
Identity, potential and prospect of a person in education reality In previous issues of the journal in the column we represented the materials of the LES founder Alexander Popov and his tutors. They were devoted to the main point of this perspective educational practice for young people. We offer the exterior view on the method of the new generation upbringing that is realized in the Open Corporative Institution LES for already 10 years. The rubric ends with the texts of the LES students.
№1 (24) March 2007

Vladimir Maksimov
Special purpose of educational space
№1 (24) March 2007

Pavel Malinovsky
Krasnoyarsk anomaly? The lessons of open education: the experiment civilization context
№1 (24) March 2007

Elena Samoilova
Freedom Space
№1 (24) March 2007

Kristina Guschina
The Choice of the Way
№1 (24) March 2007

Alexander Popov
Tthe Future Just Went Its Own Way (in Russian) The public lecture about methodology and philosophy of self-determination by the materials of the Brothers Strugatsky’s works is especially relevant on the threshold of the official film premiere “Ugly Swans”
№4 (23) December 2006

Tatiana Ishmuratova
What is the LES?
The journal “The 60th Parallel” opens a new rubric where lections and articles of the LES experts, interesting cases about social policy, and also essay and project works of this educational program participants will be published. We direct these materials not only to the workers of territorial governing institutions and educational sphere but also to other readers of the magazine not depending on their professional activity. Why? Because not oly children but adults have to self-determine their position in one or another life situation.
№3 (22) September 2006

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