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Julia Nerush
What is Inside? Interview with Stanislav Motousov
№4 (35) December 2009

Julia Nerush
Big Read. Interview with Yekaterina Genieva
About main point and history of the ‘Big Read’ programme
№1 (32) March 2009

David Kipen
Would somebody please pinch me?
Director of National Reading Initiatives of the National Endowment for Arts (USA) tells, 'After seeing how well people respond to the chance to share a book with their next-door neighbors, we naturally couldn’t help wondering whether the idea might work...'
№1 (32) March 2009

Julia Nerush
People and Books. Interview with Nadezhda Zhukova
Interview with head of Centralized library system of Surgut
№1 (32) March 2009

Daria Rudanovskaya
“It is important how they understand us…” A regular grant competition “Changing Museum in Changing World” of the Potanin Fund finished. To be able to find common language with the outer world museum should learn to understand and express its aims and ideas addressing them to people. Image of museum always exists, but the question is what image.
№2 (29) June 2008

Natalia Samoilenko
Year Subject
№2 (29) June 2008

Vladimir Dukelsky
Images and models
№2 (29) June 2008

Alexei Lebedev
Average level problem
№2 (29) June 2008

Ekaterina Zmeeva
New City in Togliatti The general aim of the Forum was announced as: “arrangement of conditions for effective use of architecture and design in the process of social and economic development of cities and increase of their investment attraction”.
№1 (28) March 2008

Irina Korobjina
Main Totals
№1 (28) March 2008

Yury Nikich
Good Signs Truth criteria of charitable auctions
№4 (27) December 2007

Museums in the Northern Dimension
How does the regional context influence museums’ development? What the time challenges are? Here we offer you the brief review of the conference results and some reports of the participants.
№4 (23) December 2006

№4 (23) December 2006

Vladimir Sorokin
A museum as a brand or a museum for a brand?
№4 (23) December 2006

The Third International Festival of Video Art “Out Video 2006”.
№1 (20) March 2006

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