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Irina Solovieva
Interventions, or Peculiarities of Reality Design
№4 (35) December 2009

Julia Nerush
The Fourth Power?
№4 (35) December 2009

Evgenia Nikitina
Looking for Van Gogh Ekaterinburg Academy of Modern Art has defined its first experience in the inclusion of outsiders’ creative work into the framework of actual city culture.
№3 (30) October 2008

Sergei Nesterov
Outsider-art The success of the Outsider-art Project in Surgut has to a great extent found its full expression not in the rate of attendance, or the words of gratitude, or the attention of the press …
№3 (30) October 2008

Mikhail Nemtsev
A Book: apprehensions and omissions. Interview with Vladimir Itkin It is about is it true that “books are not necessary”, about Internet as a substitute of paper literature and what is the ideal book.
№1 (28) March 2008

On the fate of Solovki Museum-reserve as an anchor of the whole system of the famous archipelago.
№4 (27) December 2007

Lyuba Kuzovnikova
The Symbolic Space of Solovki
How can one interpret the space of Solovki, which is a combination of natural, cultural, political, economic layers?
№4 (27) December 2007

Officials’ comments The problem understanding by responsible people
№4 (27) December 2007

Gennady Kopylov
Honest Work   The feeling that today's educational practice is a huge soap bubble based on large-scale civilization deceit does not leave me (only in Russian)
№4 (27) December 2007

Alexei Kazarinov
FUNK-tourism behind Sadovoe Koltso One of the founders of event-tourism in Siberia, head of Novosibirsk Hurray! Event Agency reflects on new trends and problems of inner cultural tourism in the interview.
№3 (26) October 2007

Anah Glinska
The museum: Tests of Limits The expert’s view on censorship problems  
№2 (25) June 2007

Nadezhda Tregub
On Love and Eros in the Historical Museum The exhibition “Love and Eros in the Antique Art” that took place in the State Historical Museum aroused unheard-of interest and non-stop talks        
№2 (25) June 2007

Julia Kuvshinova
Unfriendly capture of museums
№3 (18) September 2005

№3 (18) September 2005

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