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Jury Shevchenko
Abalak Miracle-Working Icon and Holy Hierarch John of Tobolsk Research of the history of Siberian relic – Abalak icon of the Mother of God
№4 (31) December 2008

Evgeny Dukov
Entertainment History Why has entertainment become so important since the beginning of the New time? It was known from time immemorial, wasn’t it? Why did its importance grow every new century in spite of strong opposition?
№3 (30) October 2008

Efim Rezvan
The Koran of Catherine
On wise policy and brave decisions of Catherine II on consolidation of Russian Empire.
№4 (27) December 2007

Leo Krasnopevtsev
Traditions of Russian Business The history of Russian charity is the evidence of the fact that civil society existed in Russia.
№3 (26) October 2007

Vyacheslav Glazychev
The bitter taste of wit.
About Alexander Vasilevich Nikitenko – practically the first expert in Russia in the field of humanitarian strategies.
№1 (20) March 2006

Gennady Vdovin
Memorial estate, a myth of the estate and a visitor of the estate
№3 (18) September 2005

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