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Parallel worlds

Lyudmila Tashkevich
Home of Skis and Paper Clips
What unites paper clip and fast skis? They say that it is the place of origin. People of Norway find a lot of occasions for national pride. They are known as melancholic, unfriendly and independent people. However, can unsociable people live in the country that has the second highest amount of subscribers of mobile telephones in the world?
№2 (17) June 2005

Konstantin Salomatin
Paris Village Who Nagaibaks are? And why do they live in Paris?  
№2 (25) June 2007

Anna Ankhimova
The Present Ancient Chude How do the Vepsa live? The Vepsa’s ancestors known by the chronicle as Chude and Ves’ were the tribes that formed a tribal union together with Russia.
№2 (21) June 2006

Elena Valieva
Fairy Kingdom
You cannot say about the country that gave Hans Andersen to the world in another way. When we made this material for a long time we were looking for the explanation when and why the ordinary drops had been named Danish king’s drops and found another spiritual code. And it results that the drug from all human diseases - spite, envy and other chimeras – was created by a kind tale-teller, confirming that sometimes there was a king in Denmark and the mankind was happy during his rule. And now the heritage of the ancient king as a simple and wise attitude to life made itself felt in the character of the habitants of the small kingdom.
№4 (19) December 2005

Helen Goncharova
The Mansy extreme
Helen Goncharova's travel notes who became a participant of the small expedition to the Mansy village Treskol'e that is in the Northern Urals open one more page in the column "The parallel worlds". This column is about people who live at the North. So let us introduce to you - the Mansy people.
№3 (18) September 2005

Wonders of ice land
Popular opinion that in Russia people celebrate Christmas and New Year holidays for the longest time can be disproved because in Iceland people celebrate them for 26 days! Inhabitants of this far from being icy island every day take cod-liver oil, talk with other people in a bath, hitherto believe in dwarves and elves, and may by that is a reason why they can do nothing in time.
№4 (15) December 2004

Natalie Novik
They want to be a part of nature
In this issue of the column "Parallel Worlds" Natalie Novik, our partner from the Northern Forum and a citizen of Anchorage, presents the mentality and life of people who live in legendary Alaska. They say that Anchorage is similar to Surgut in many things; it is a city with many high-tech, oil and gas producing companies, a university and cultural center of the state. Nevertheles, Natalie notes some other features of life perception of her fellow countrymen: their naturalness and tendency to become a part of nature.
№3 (14) September 2004

№3 (14) September 2004

The Northern Nomads
The Nenets are people who occupy a big part of Russian North. They settle from the East to the West, from the lower of Yenisei river to Kola Peninsula and the borders with Scandinavian countries. The most part of this nation lives in tundra but there are a lot of the Nenets in forest-tundra and in the northern part of taiga. They live side by side with other northern nations: Hhanty, Dolgans and Yakuts. The word “man” in the Nenets language sounds like “nenets” so the name of the nation comes from it. We present here two stories at once: in a story of Lyudmila Tashkevich, a teacher from Yamal Peninsule who is a grandmother of our editor Lyudmila Tashkevich and a photo story of Alexander Kuznetsov, a photographer from Krasnoyarsk. A photo story was made during the expedition “To meet Nansen” on Yenisei (look at the story in “60 parallel”, No1, 2004) and it tells about Nenets and Kets from Yenisei. Along with them we present the photos from the archives of Yamal regional museum of local lore.
№1 (16) March 2005

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