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№1 (32) March 2009
Youth: Image of Future Homeland? 'Big Read'

Editor's note

The more they speak about youth policy on television, the more subtle is the topic of the discussion. If there is any discussion at all. In different calls and reports and measures to be taken we hear only about need to build carreer escalators for elite part of the youth. What is going on in this country, is there an active position of the younger generation to themselves and to their future? In this issue we tried to make things a bit clearer.
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Julia Nerush
Big Read. Interview with Yekaterina Genieva
About main point and history of the ‘Big Read’ programme
David Kipen
Would somebody please pinch me?
Director of National Reading Initiatives of the National Endowment for Arts (USA) tells, 'After seeing how well people respond to the chance to share a book with their next-door neighbors, we naturally couldn’t help wondering whether the idea might work...'
Julia Nerush
People and Books. Interview with Nadezhda Zhukova
Interview with head of Centralized library system of Surgut

Modern experience

Nikolai Pryanishnikov
LAMBRARY: Library + Museum + Archive
European trends in new cultural institutes and Gjerdrum experience (Norway).
Yelizaveta Ignatieva
Good but impossible About difficulties of coming from object to environment models of cultural institutions in Russia.

Subject of the Issue

Semen Ermakov
Why We Need New Youth Policy What youth is, if it needs special policy?
Dmitry Gromov
Technology of Youth Political Campaign. Expert observation
Mikhail Nemtsev
City is Bigger than It Seems Subcultures – Threat to the Society or Source of Development?
Aleksey Vanyushkin
20-years old People strive for fairy-tale and find emptyness.
Anton Tyrtyshny
Julia Nerush
Sphere of Influence. Interview with Irina Golushko Horizons and practice of youth policy in Surgut
Daria Kostina
Bukashkin Return of the legend of Sverdlovsk underground: the young quest for their heroes and find them in the past.
Dmitry Markov
Senior Boarding School Group They are not included into a single social programme… while they are free

Issue Interview

Marina Balashkina
Power of Peasant Clan The years of collectivization ruined the lives of many people. The more important then the stories of their children and grandchildren who do not consider themselves to be peasants. Interview by Marina Balashkina.

The project

Efim Rezvan
Horse-Rider. African Diary
Saint-Petersburg Kunstkamera contains collections and documents concerned with Gumilev’s travel to Abyssinia hardly known to the public. A century after researchers walked the African route of the poet-symbolist. The end of the story about expedition. See the beginning in №4 (31) 2008

City Environment

Anastasia Grib
Five Views to Helsinki
Architecture as a Reflection of National Temperament… or Mythicized Rationalism
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