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№3 (30) October 2008
The Role of the Contemporary Theatre

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Nice to meet you again! Summer vacations are over, and we are commencing into the new business year. If you like to subscribe to our journal for next year 2009, you can find all necessary information on the inside front cover. I highly appreciate your reflections, questions and articles. Together we become stronger! The main point of our concern remains the same: investigation of culture as way of life that is our present facing the future.
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Evgeny Dukov
Entertainment History Why has entertainment become so important since the beginning of the New time? It was known from time immemorial, wasn’t it? Why did its importance grow every new century in spite of strong opposition?

Subject of the Issue

Mikhail Nemtsev
The Theatre: Questions There is no theatre in life of a Russian citizen. Its non-existence does not depend of alleged non-professionalism of provincial scene. The same bitter fact may be stated about the inhabitants of big cities, who can make their choice between comparably numerous theatre projects.
Mikhail Nemtsev
Mass and/or Elitist? Interview with Valery Stefaniev
Elena Zelentsova
Democracy as Creative Experiment Summing up two years of theatre experiment we come to understanding why finally authoritarian management style wins in the country with many educational, creative, strong and clever people.
Nina Belenitskaya,
Modern Theatre as the Internet
What is a mission of a contemporary theatre and how to determine its social responsibility?
Tatiana Dzhurova
The Transmutation
Russian Engineering Theatre AKHE is the only theatre taken equally seriously by actors, musicians, artists and all others who do not agree with the “standard” boards between various kinds of art.
Nika Garkalina
SounDrama For the Moscow audience the notion of "soundrama", i.e. of the theatrical space where the main role is played by the sound, is becoming familiar.
Lyda Engelova
Theatre as a National Idea One story is to be proud of a theatre’s beautiful house, and it is quite another story to have an actual relation to the theatre life. Nonetheless, Czechs really apprehend theatre as the main thing, a core essence of their folk.

Issue Interview

Marina Balashkina
Meaning of Clan or Special Purpose Group Descendant of famous merchant clan now known expert in arts technologies field tells the specialist in study of dynasties Marina Balashkina about the one’s own family tree restoration and the meaning of clan history in the destiny

The project

Efim Rezvan
Five-Ended Star on the Quran Ijma‘=Concordia Project gave us a chance to go to Finland and explore the history of the edition along with fates of those people.


Evgenia Nikitina
Looking for Van Gogh Ekaterinburg Academy of Modern Art has defined its first experience in the inclusion of outsiders’ creative work into the framework of actual city culture.
Sergei Nesterov
Outsider-art The success of the Outsider-art Project in Surgut has to a great extent found its full expression not in the rate of attendance, or the words of gratitude, or the attention of the press …


Tatiana Ushakova
Art in Waldorf schools “Art as the Means of Human Cognition” is a title of the Curative Education International Seminar. This education is based on anthroposophic approaches which are described in the materials we publish in every issue in 2008. The key topic of the work is seven years cycles of human development.
Brigitte Deck
The world is beautiful
Natascha Kraus
Movement as Art and as Healing


Evgenia Khozyainova
Gulliver’s New Notes …I found one more wonderful country in the Far North which I called Polar Lilliput. And this country is populated with the thousands hundred kinds of small creatures, which are called …
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