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№2 (29) June 2008
University died. Viva … Contemporary University

Editor's note

Clichs. They make things easier and simplify processes. We cannot recognize that the clichйs have occupied our minds and begun to govern the reality by our hands. This governed reality loses any sense. We, as parts of the reality, become senseless as well. In subtle spheres, like education and upbringing (be it education of a child or a whole nation), this process shows itself especially distinctively.
In full

The project

Efim Rezvan
Ijma’= Concordia
The project “Ijma‘=Concord” by Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera) is an attempt to gain an understanding of the tangle of problems connected with the modern Islam. It is an independent, non-governmental, civil initiative aimed at all of us, both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Subject of the Issue

Mikhail Nemtsev
Where the Future Russian Intellectual Class Grows?
Future of country is defined with its intellectual potential. What is happening with Russian university as a culture phenomenon and what are the educational initiatives, which add and fill it up? This is a subject of the issue.
Ronald Barnett
Trying to Understand University Western University died. It is difficult to believe in it, but it is the reality. But the history of University shows an unusual ability to get renewed and adapt to new conditions. It gives hope that a miracle will happen and a new University will appear. Inaugural lecture materials of the London University professor were used.
Vladimir Knyaginin
University – going away from classics
Talking about international tendencies, there are several trends today that influence contemporary higher education and are most likely to come to Russia as well.
Ekaterina Gandrabura
City Athenaeum
The University is often the main enterprise in the city, an organic part of its image, thereby plays an essential role in the development of the city territory. How do the cities use the capabilities of the educated people? What kind of relation between city and its university would be healthful?
Sergey Zuev
Applied Intellect and Future of University Cities
The University education reform should be coordinated firstly not with the education itself, but with Russian ontology and practice of power.
Liana Kobzeva
TUSUR. View in Future The Center of corporative development of Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics works with the project of positioning of the higher school as a reference point of innovation system development of Russia.
Semen Ermakov
Intensive Education Programs: the Third Generation
This emerging type of education possibly has no immediate analogues neither in history of education, nor in contemporary mass high school or higher education, nor in alternative education practices... This form of education grew not from one united project but actually was gradually formed by multiple discussions, when many projects, ideas and positions interacted and cooperated .
Mikhail Nemtsev
The Pythagoras School. Interview with Andrei Schetnikov Good education is Good in itself. It is a sort of axiom although every person would understand it a different way.

Issue Interview

Marina Balashkina
Life not from textbooks: Siberian Cossacks When somebody speaks about dynasties they usually remember counts, boyars’ and tsars’ clans. But today we converse with the participant of one of the Siberian Cossacks clans. These were people, who valued their freedom and native land, defended themselves and their Motherland, family and their land taking up arms. What have the Cossacks descendants become today?


Tatiana Ushakova
Art-therapy and seven years cycles of human development The second educational practical seminar “Art is the mean of man cognition” has taken place in Surgut. This annual seminar is devoted to curative education based on anthroposophic approach to man. In April 2008 there was the third session on the subject “Seven years periods in human development”. Read the materials about the first seven years period in this rubric.
Brigitte Deck
The first seven years period
Christine Breitenstein
Music in the first seven years of life
Yulia Malkova
Movement-therapy and art-therapy
Natalia Gorina
Children with Sensory Disabilities. Art School Experience


Daria Rudanovskaya
“It is important how they understand us…” A regular grant competition “Changing Museum in Changing World” of the Potanin Fund finished. To be able to find common language with the outer world museum should learn to understand and express its aims and ideas addressing them to people. Image of museum always exists, but the question is what image.
Natalia Samoilenko
Year Subject
Vladimir Dukelsky
Images and models
Olga Sinitsina
How do you treat yourself?
Alexei Lebedev
Average level problem

Modern experience

Elena Zelentsova
Business for Creation or Creation for Business? Such word combinations as “creative industries”, “creative city”, “creative class” are taken in Russia now as barbarisms as before. What do we lose in this situation?
Claus Hohmann
World-famous brands and social partnership in territory development Through the Autostadt a dialogue was opened with the town of Wolfsburg and a new space created for the public. An openness permeates the whole of the Group’s premises which allows citizens the opportunity of taking part in the life of the Group in an unconstrained way.


Mark Shakhnovich
The Sign of Presence.Labyrinths on the Russian North The Karelian State Museum research worker tells about famous archeological monuments, which were explored 150 years ago and suggests a hypothesis of their origin and semantics.  
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