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№1 (28) March 2008
Journey through life

Editor's note

Someone begins to look through the latest journal from the beginning but another one – from the end… If you open this issue today from the middle you will probably understand the principle of its assembling. In the rubric “Seminar” you can find an unexpected but surely constructive view of an expert to the being systems of administration which define our life.
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Subject of the Issue

Mikhail Nemtsev
About traveling as creative work, a research technique – in potential as a professional humanitarian practice which generates new knowledge.
Gennady Vdovin
In Memory of the Yasnaya Polyana hemisphere. When your world, created contrary to everything, taking the place of everything collapses and such simple words as “home”, “friend”, “family”, “intimacy” become something very strange, pretentious, nothing brings you round but work, alcohol and reading “War and Peace”…
Gennady Vdovin
Tolstoy and the Kremlin It is impossible to find such a town as Leotolstoy on the map of Russia. But nevertheless it is and it was named such a way in memory of the fact that the great Russian writer died there. A museum out of place is worse than any lack of museums.
Artyom Kosmarski
Pilgrimage and Fieldwork: an Essay on Contemporary Academic Geopolitics A guest view always comes to the complicated relationships with the cultural habitat. An individual viewpoint of a present person sets the pace. A point of view of a sociologist-observer is predetermined by his academic interests and draw an out-of-body “academic” model of space.


Alexander Dolgin
What is Web-3? In the speech of the professor of State University – Higher School of Economy, a known expert in the modern economy, the matter will concern the new cultural practice which is realized by millions of people in Internet.


Mikhail Nemtsev
A Book: apprehensions and omissions. Interview with Vladimir Itkin It is about is it true that “books are not necessary”, about Internet as a substitute of paper literature and what is the ideal book.


Sergey Pereslegin
Systems approach to daily routine Everybody knows how to rule. We criticize our football and culture with the same easiness. An author of more than 30 works on systems theory and strategies theory offers a systemic approach to management that helps to answer many questions.

Issue Interview

Marina Balashkina
Dynasty – source of strength Marina Balashkina conversed with the descendant of Leo Tolstoy in the fifth generation, a well-known cultural worker Vladimir Tolstoy about a dynasty and its importance for a person.


New Images of Museums There are pieces of evidence suggesting that further museums development will head for the exhibit interactivity expansion and for a wide use of modern information display means.


Ekaterina Zmeeva
New City in Togliatti The general aim of the Forum was announced as: “arrangement of conditions for effective use of architecture and design in the process of social and economic development of cities and increase of their investment attraction”.
Irina Korobjina
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