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№4 (27) December 2007
State, culture and religion

Editor's note

One of the main subjects of this issue can be determined as prospects of Russia as a secular state. The recent months’ events connected with the handing-over procedure of monuments of religious destination to the Russian Orthodox Church are so intensive and ambiguous that we have tried to make a ground where parts could express their opinion and, perhaps, hear another position (different from theirs) in questions of interrelation of society, culture and religion.
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Subject of the Issue

Alexei Lebedev
All-Russian History Census
Is religion a part of culture? Now the process of rehabilitation of historical justice continues in the sphere of cultural heritage of Russia. On peculiar properties and facts of “church restitution”.

Ekaterina Lonshakova
The Origins of Spiritual Self-Determination
First of all value grounds are important for any project. The conversation with the honoured worker of culture Ekaterina Lonshakova about the unique foundation experience of the School as the place of spiritual self-determination.
Survey of experts
Prospects of Russia as a secular state.


Efim Rezvan
The Koran of Catherine
On wise policy and brave decisions of Catherine II on consolidation of Russian Empire.


On the fate of Solovki Museum-reserve as an anchor of the whole system of the famous archipelago.
Lyuba Kuzovnikova
The Symbolic Space of Solovki
How can one interpret the space of Solovki, which is a combination of natural, cultural, political, economic layers?

Officials’ comments The problem understanding by responsible people

Issue Interview

Lyudmila Ulitskaya
Simple Important Things

Round-table discussion

Electronic Libraries: initiatives from top and below
According to the approved 4th part of Civil Code of Russian Federation since the 1st January 2008 many Russian electronic libraries as they exist will be outlawed. The demand to defend the copyright forced to look for the new forms of relationship with right owners (authors, publishing houses, translators…) as well as with readers.

Modern experience

Evgeny Stodushny
About classical music and the state. How are cultural policy and support of symphony orchestras connected? Russian and foreign experience.

The project

Victor Khudoley
Eurochestries in Russia Siberian Khanty-Mansyisk becomes a Russian residence of a European music festival


Olga Kissel
Evolution of the museum multimedia: the Russian Museum’s experience The experience of the SRM, Russian leader in the development of museum multimedia, fixes important changes in the use of informational technologies in the museum.


Changing Museum in the Changing World The contest terms of 2008
Daria Rudanovskaya
Advice is important at the proper time On typical mistakes of competitors for museum grants (only in Russian)


Gennady Kopylov
Honest Work   The feeling that today's educational practice is a huge soap bubble based on large-scale civilization deceit does not leave me (only in Russian)


Elena Mikheeva
What the teacher must know how to do On the advantages of new educational technologies and good of entering of the SLE into the mass school (only in Russian).


Yury Nikich
Good Signs Truth criteria of charitable auctions
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