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№3 (26) October 2007
Development Management: Science or Art? Bert Hellinger’s Method – for life to move on. FUNK-Tourism behind Sadovoe Koltso

Editor's note

Yury Lotman describes an amusing story in one of his studies. By chance stylish madams and tailors came to a famous scientist P. Chebyshev’s lecture that was devoted to mathematical aspects of dress cutting… However the first lector’s phrase: “Let us imagine that a human body has a shape of a ball” – put them to flight. Only mathematicians were left in the room for they didn’t find anything surprising in that. The text “selected” its audience. Why did I recollect this story? Development occurred to become an obligatory requirement of time.
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Subject of the Issue

Vladimir Knyaginin
Regional Development Management: Science or Art (summary) Interview about the process of towns’ development and who and how must do this with the Head of CSD “North-West”.
Nina Mironova
Local development: problems and solutions (summary) Who can be a subject of city development – besides official authorities? Do they have initiative and rights?
Nikolai Pryanishnikov
David of the Upper Volga: Success Technology The history analysis of the present development of Myshkin town of Yaroslavl region.


Is the development really necessary for your town?


Leo Krasnopevtsev
Traditions of Russian Business The history of Russian charity is the evidence of the fact that civil society existed in Russia.

Modern experience

Sergey Kovalevsky
FREAK OF THE IMAGINATION: the creative spaces of Great Britain Manchester, the second English city (after London), experienced a lingering collapse of industrial production in the second half of the XX century. In our time the city is one of the centers of new economy oriented to creative industries.


Natalia Lapidus
FR: Destroying Stereotypes In spite of advent of special fundraising departments in many Russian organizations’ structure this technology entangled with a great number of stereotypes does not work at its full potential as usual.
Irina Godunova
Family Constellation. Psychotherapeutic phenomenon
The section is devoted Bert Hellinger’s method. You will find out what the systemic therapy is, what foundations and principals of the constellation are. The materials’ authors, professional psychotherapists, cultural scientists and managers examine the possibilities of the method and fields of its application in a private life and cultural practices.


Pavel Devyatinin
Constellation as anthropic spaces research method
Bert Hellinger’s method is a new one and that’s why is assailable for criticism. Per contra such fact opens wide scopes for researching constellation’s application and educts. Given article is dedicated to new method’s application and scopes.


Alexei Kazarinov
FUNK-tourism behind Sadovoe Koltso One of the founders of event-tourism in Siberia, head of Novosibirsk Hurray! Event Agency reflects on new trends and problems of inner cultural tourism in the interview.

Issue Interview

Julia Nerush
I am from childhood. Interview with Nikolai Kolyada Nikolai Kolyada, a playwright, a producer and a founder of the unique authentic theater, claims by his experience that freedom is the key condition of creation.

Round-table discussion

RECOMMENDATION SERVICE - a tool to fight with the degradation of taste The advent of multicultural recommendation service in Russia launched discussion of cultural scientists and critics. The degradation of people’s cultural taste and how to fight with it is the main question.

Photo Story

Alexei Slepukhin
Arkaim Traveler’s impressions of the visit of the legendary “Country of Towns” – the ancient memorial place of Indo-European culture in Chelyabinsk region territory.
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