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№3 (22) September 2006
City on three foudations: Creation, Communication, Competence

Editor's note

Editor’s note Recently I had a chance to be a witness of one discussion at the conference. A highly respected sociologist tried to damp conference participants’ ardour on the issue of the day that is financing of culture according to its final result. What does your agony about the standards and special programme figures mean, who of the powers that be are interested in the polemics about “result in culture” meaning? – he asked. The informal culture exists and it will exist without any reforms. And the official sphere of culture has got the state order to organize leisure of the population.
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Irina ProkhorovaIrina Prokhorova
Broad lands of my country, or We are living without feeling the country…
Nowadays the importance of charity to the modern culture is obvious not only for the educated society but also for some “advanced” bodies of government. Therefore, we are not going to discuss this trite topic. However, the thesis, which states that charitable foundations are the best way of investigating “the enigmatic Russian soul”, should be proved. So, we are going to expand on this issue.
Nikolai Pryanishnikov
Oxymoron of sustainable development
This article is about creation, for which rules and limits are of great importance. One rule I observe is an obligatory epigraph. This rule is difficult to follow: I have to look through many books, articles, sites… One day I understood – it is easier to create them myself. So I was made sure of creation productivity in practice. When you create yourself – you spare time. The epigraph to this article is its quintessence: development is impossible without creation and creation needs features, exceptional in our society, - freedom and responsibility.


Elena Zelentsova
Social and cultural projection in a northern city
This article is based on the materials and results of the seminar “The Creative City. Social and Cultural Projection and Social Advertisement in City Environment" that has taken place within the Second Forum of the 60th Parallel Cities in Surgut City. The seminar was prepared by Cultural Policy Institute with the assistance of the Union of Public Service Advertising Creators.
Ekaterina Gandrabura
Creative Partnership
At first, the topic of my lecture surprised me. The point is that I have been working in the Institute of Urban Economics Fund for the last two years where I have been dealing with projects concerning partnership of business and authorities. The department I have been working in is called “the Social Partnership Department”. At the same time my colleagues and I have been working on the projects aimed at developing a number of towns where creativity and art play a very important role. In this sense creative partnership was a kind of challenge to me. I had to recall all known examples of creative and partnership relations, and, in the end, I was able to formulate my own understanding of what the term “creative partnership” stands for. I would like to invite you to follow this way and take a closer look at different examples of creative approach to reality, which is fulfilled throughout the country.
Nailya Allahverdieva
Out Video_06.The 3-d International Video-Art Festival in Public Places
Out Video was created and realized for the first time in Ekaterinburg in 2004 at the time when the first outdoor video screens were installed in the city. Two years of successful implementation in Ekaterinburg during 2004-2005 as well as the presentation of the project at the URBANSCREENS conference in Amsterdam in September last year have provided the project not only with the specialists’ recognition but also with an opportunity to find a new partner – a Russian company “City Vision” which is the largest network of outdoor video screens in Europe. Thanks to this partnership the festival of 2006 claims to be a super event.
Alexander Mozhaev
Procedures of conducting public services ad campaigns for central and local authorities
Any advertising campaign, including a public service one, begins with a big and fruitful idea. The Union of Public Service Advertising Creators (abbreviated in Russian as CCCP, equivalent of USSR) that I represent today was set up exactly to promote this tool of social advertising, which can be used very effectively, on municipality level as well to establish a life dialogue with civil society.
Alla Kotsyuba
The Role of Strategic Planning in Elaboration of Social Projects We talked a lot about the importance of the creative component of any project which is connected with the development of the city, factory, organization; the arrangement of the cultural events among the masses, social projects’ realization, etc. And there is no doubt. But any project with the most brilliant creative content is possible to be unsuccessful without the thought-out planning of communications. Any successful communications should be created according to some rules.. I will tell about the strategic planning of the advertising campaign, be it commercial or social advertisement, and will give the examples of successful social communications from the international practice.

News of the program "The 60th parallel"

The materials of the round-table “City and Social Security” (the conclusion)
The participants’ reports of the disscusion “City and Social Security” were published among the materials about the Second International Forum of the Cities of the 60th Parallel in number 2(21), 2006 of the magazine “The 60th Parallel”. We call the readers’ attention to the end of the discussion.

School of Liberal Education

Tatiana Ishmuratova
What is the LES?
The journal “The 60th Parallel” opens a new rubric where lections and articles of the LES experts, interesting cases about social policy, and also essay and project works of this educational program participants will be published. We direct these materials not only to the workers of territorial governing institutions and educational sphere but also to other readers of the magazine not depending on their professional activity. Why? Because not oly children but adults have to self-determine their position in one or another life situation.
Mikhail Nemtsev
Patriotism – self-identity or Remain oneself. Interview with A. Popov
The interview with A. Popov, the scientific director of the Open Corporate University « The Liberal Education School», the candidate of philosophic science, was made by the graduate and tutor of the LES Michael Nemtsev. The material gives the idea of civil and professional position of the LES leaders and answers the questions about the technology’s principals.
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