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№2 (21) June 2006
Northern Navigation. Ideas. Work. People

Editor's note

The Second International Forum of the 60th parallel cities that has just taken place in Surgut is the main subject of the June number of the magazine. Many participants of the held discussions and meetings defined the meaning of this event as the point of assembling. Strategies of development, sum of technologies and information about existing or prospective resources of northern cities and territories can be gradually put together in the overall picture of life and future region that has not existed yet as a received political subdivision.
In full

“60 parallel”

Alexander Sidorov
The II International Forum of the 60th parallel cities. The greeting.
Andrey Glavanakov
Unknown Siberia Tomsk project for connectedness forming of Siberian territories.
Georgy Vizgalov
Mangasee Returns
About new researches of the legendary city of the 17 century Mangasee and prospects of the northern cultural mega project consolidating Petrozavodsk, Surgut, Nefteyugansk and Norilsk.
Galina Lapteva
About Identity Crisis and Cultural Raw Material
Feeling exhaustion of raw strategy of the development Arkhangelsk area is looking for its own development project that would be corresponding to its past position of “the capital of the North”.
Nikolay Nikishin
The Man and Chukot
An outstanding event has taken place in Anadyr in May 2005: the Museum centre that has taken its residence in a new building on the city’s central square has opened its new exhibition “The man and Chukot”. The museum space that was intended to present exotic to most people Chukot was organised with the help of both the modern technology and relevant nowadays humanitarian concepts.
Alexsander Toschev
The Decisive Choice
About the project of rescue and revival of Igarka whose fate is just about be given up for lost. Cultural technologies as the last resort.
Anah Glinska
Igarka: the place of power
Igarka has all reasons to become scientific and technical ground of planetary scale and to provide the appropriate level of social and cultural development.

Parallel worlds

Anna Ankhimova
The Present Ancient Chude How do the Vepsa live? The Vepsa’s ancestors known by the chronicle as Chude and Ves’ were the tribes that formed a tribal union together with Russia.
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