Креативные индустрии ИД

№1 (20) March 2006

Editor's note

The topic that is on the cover of the magazine is relevant as never before during the times of culture development. “Let’s look whom are we suggested as an ideal for our money?” we say as consumers. What are cultural codes and sign constructions with the help of which intellectual and spiritual growth of the nation is provided? As official producers of notorious culture we keep silence perplexedly in answer to this question since we in a majority were busy with the reproduction of customary cultural forms, no more.
In full
Vladimir Dukelsky
The cultural hero is at the crossroads.
The expert’s thoughts about the ways of the development of cultural sphere in modern Russia.
Alexander Popov
The symbols of the future or the strategy for the finding oneself.
About significance of cultural transmission and intergenerational lifts as tools of state cultural policy.

Round-table discussion

Nika Garkalina
The entrance after the third ring is permitted.
About theatrical practices in clubs and a little about modern public.

How can you find your hero.
Is the state ideology necessary? About the problem of a hero in the life of a modern young person.

Everyone must churn one’s own piece of butter. About the nationally oriented system of upbringing and possibilities of the cultural sphere.


Vyacheslav Glazychev
The bitter taste of wit.
About Alexander Vasilevich Nikitenko – practically the first expert in Russia in the field of humanitarian strategies.

The project

Tatyana Gafar, Aleksei Shcherbin
The educational project of Volgograd Museum of Arts is one of the winners of the grant competition "The changing museum in the changing world-2005".


Efim Rezvan
Our treasures
About contemporary approaches to the creation of the museum exhibition.


The Third International Festival of Video Art “Out Video 2006”.
Natalia Kirsanova
Culture and business: the prize for the initiative About stimulation of business in the field of social investment and charity.

The regulation of the Prize “Initiative” (only in Russian).

News of the program "The 60th parallel"

The winter festival Hyperboreya-2006.
About the methods of identity manifestation in the sociocultural interregional project of Petrozavodsk City.

The program of the Second International Forum of the Cities of the 60th Parallel.

The Festival of a bard’s song “The 60th years on the 60th parallel”. The participants introduction (only in Russian).
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