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№4 (19) December 2005
MIRROR & SHOWCASE. Radius of curvature

Editor's note

Culture industrialization the witnesses/participants of which we are voluntary or not reminded me of the story about the trap for a Heffalump from the English tale about Winnie-The-Pooh. Do you remember that a bear cub and Piglet decided to catch a mysterious Heffalump. Winnie-The-Pooh talked about Heffalump as about a subject known to him: he knew what it loves, where it will pass and what can decoy it. As a result ingenuously Winnie-The-Pooh fell into the trap he made himself.
In full
Sergey Gnedovskiy
Cultural industries and development management
City as an Idea... as a space of choice...­, as a nutrient medium that cultivates the sense of taste, the life style, imagination, character... This text is about planning city environment technologies not as a habitat but as the environment of possibilities. However it is also about the stereotypes of managerial decisions, about lack of faith in private initiative and other realia in the life of working towns.

Modern experience

Alexander Vysokovsky
City environment through the looking-glass
Architecture opened up the mirror long ago. Palace interiors of the XVIII century are rich in huge smooth surfaces in which windows, landscape, modeling and bronze reflect. Reflections began to be planned and projected with the advent of stained glass window in the XX century. Later front glass surfaces turned into gigantic mirrors, i.e. glasses became transparent when you look from inside and mirror-like when you look from outside.

Round-table discussion

Marc Maure
MIRROR, WINDOW OR SHOWCASE? The museum as an identification instrument for the community
In the thick of modernisation, changing or moving to the new economic conditions of museum activity we often forget the essence of a museum that works with the people’s memory. The author raises a question about priorities without denying impartial changes and appearance of some new museum functions.
Anah Glinska
Apple jam as a tool of cultural policy Anah Glinska that presents the best museum projects on the European Festival – The Best in Heritage tells about the examples of the vivid museum practice. The principle of selection comes to the main mission of a museum that is preservation, awakening of the active historical memory and the feeling of the original in our consciousness.

The contest "The Changing Museum in the Changing World" as a developing project
The grant contest ”The Changing Museum in the Changing World” is declared for museums in Russia for the third year. It is interesting that the private Fund of Vladimir Potanin is the interested party in museum development, in its adaptation to market conditions. He picked up the initiative that George Soros has once began. The project is developing actively and it means that it has got in active environment. What assigns primary importance of changes? Is museum activity appropriate to the project frame, given trends and priorities?

The project

Julia Nerush
TOP. Erick van Egeraat's Siberian project
Extreme is becoming part of our lives. A renowned Dutch architect Eriсk Van Egeraat has finally reached Russia but from the direction of Siberia. A regional construction firm is proposing a project for creating European type mall in Surgut, small town according to the metropolitan criteria. The exclusive filling, so to say, of the mall will be the extreme sports, which are considered as trendy in the youth environment - not only in terms of active leisure time, but also as a mass performance. What are we dealing with: the development of the northern consumers market or the social project? "60th parallel" is talking to one of the authors and principal investor Alexei Safiollin, Chairman of the board of directors of "Specialised Quarry Agency".



Julia Utysheva
ON THAT SIDE OF THE WIND. Hyperboreans change winter into summer
This article tells about an event of the Program of International Cooperation “60th Parallel” – the festival “HYPERBOREYA”. It took place in the capital of Karelia. The change of scale and notional frames of cultural events changes authorities world outlook gradually. Little by little Petrozavodsk is changing from the position of a small republic center in the northwest of Russia into the start point of the new Northern Way – humanitarian, united northern cities by different meanings and technologies.


Management in culture sphere. Distance education.

Parallel worlds

Elena Valieva
Fairy Kingdom
You cannot say about the country that gave Hans Andersen to the world in another way. When we made this material for a long time we were looking for the explanation when and why the ordinary drops had been named Danish king’s drops and found another spiritual code. And it results that the drug from all human diseases - spite, envy and other chimeras – was created by a kind tale-teller, confirming that sometimes there was a king in Denmark and the mankind was happy during his rule. And now the heritage of the ancient king as a simple and wise attitude to life made itself felt in the character of the habitants of the small kingdom.
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