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№3 (18) September 2005
IDEAL LIFE. Cultural industries in city

Editor's note

I cannot insist that people who live in cities and towns suffer from imperfection of their environment. Every day is habitual and full out with a mass of concerns. The realization of a real quality of city environment comes as a rule when a person finds himself in such a place where everything is made according to his needs, where the environment is created for Man. And it is not a matter of beauty behind the window or ancient architecture, quiet narrow streets or busy "Broadways".
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City environment and cultural industries
Creative industries are western technology of cultural structuring. During five years attempts to implant this experience on the Russian territory are made but with variable success. As a rule, private initiatives are more stable. Positive results in applying creative approach to development of city environment are unknown at all. Publication of a series of texts of British expert Linda Moss evoked a vivid reaction amidst readers of “60 parallel”. It is not often possible to see a detailed and honest analysis of failures of big public cultural projects. Continuing this subject, our expert Tatyana Abankina organized several discussions with colleagues. In this issue we publish the first part of these discussions.
Evgeny Dukov
Art imbues the city
Is art a luxury or a necessity for a modern townsman? There are needs that develop a personality and their satisfaction can be recompensed only after a lapse of time. And there are stylish wishes, new standards of pastime and it is very easy to measure their efficiency – by a number of visitors, thousands of rubles and extent of “satisfied” population mood. How can a worn out state that offers to a sphere of culture and art a service model of functioning and gives it the only role of a “seller” in the market of spare time differentiate them? These are the issues of the article. Answers you can find only in the collections of school cribs today. By the way they are published in response to the demand of the population of school age. Do you think it is also a necessity?

Modern experience

Round-table discussion

Alice Prudnikova, Olga Pautova
"IS THE INITIATIVE PUNISHABLE"? Modern arts centre in Ekaterinburg
In February this year, a group for project development of modern art city centre was formed under the Ekaterinburg city department of culture. The formation of the Centre is approved by a Plan for strategic development of the city until year 2015 and city administration is prepared to apportion land. The authors of the article give an account of how the process of developing the idea is going and what kind of problems are encountered by the designers.


Gennady Vdovin
Memorial estate, a myth of the estate and a visitor of the estate

The project

Alexsander Toschev
From permafrost to the Sun City
The project “Polar Igarka: archive is reviving the city” was among the 17 winners of the 2nd contest “Museum in change in the evolving world” that was held in 2005 by the charitable organisation of V. Potanin, Ministry of Culture and Mass communication of the Russian Federation with the organisational assistance of Managers of culture association.




Julia Kuvshinova
Unfriendly capture of museums


Parallel worlds

Helen Goncharova
The Mansy extreme
Helen Goncharova's travel notes who became a participant of the small expedition to the Mansy village Treskol'e that is in the Northern Urals open one more page in the column "The parallel worlds". This column is about people who live at the North. So let us introduce to you - the Mansy people.
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