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№3 (14) September 2004
Culture&City: Points of view, Focuses of vision, Chang of scopes.

Editor's note

In this issue of the magazine we decided to give up for a while the topic of changes in the system of management and the technologies of project working and to take up the space for activities of most of our readers: it is the CITY.
In full

Modern experience

Landry Charles
The Creative City
Here we present some extracts from the book The Creative City by Charles Landry. Cultural Policy Institute (Moscow) will publish this book by the end of the year 2004. Charles Landry is the founder of COMEDIA consultuncy agency. He started COMEDIA in 1978 and has worked in over 20 countries and undertaken over 180 assignments for national governments, international agencies and local authorities in the UK and abroad. His specialisms are strategic policy development, the economics of innovation, and city futures.

The project

Liza Faktor
The city of warmth


“60 parallel”

Parallel worlds

Natalie Novik
They want to be a part of nature
In this issue of the column "Parallel Worlds" Natalie Novik, our partner from the Northern Forum and a citizen of Anchorage, presents the mentality and life of people who live in legendary Alaska. They say that Anchorage is similar to Surgut in many things; it is a city with many high-tech, oil and gas producing companies, a university and cultural center of the state. Nevertheles, Natalie notes some other features of life perception of her fellow countrymen: their naturalness and tendency to become a part of nature.
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