Креативные индустрии ИД

Expert Council

Dukov Evgeny

doctor of philosophic science, professor, principal expert of the Union of Concert Organizations, member of Union of Composers, author of more than 200 works on history and sociology of culture

Vostryakov Lev

doctor of political science, Academy of Public Service of the North-Western district

Pryanishnikov Nikolai

Member of Experimental Research-Project Institute, Instructor of Moscow Social Scientific Fund, Expert of Vladimir Potanin Fund

Abankina Tatyana

candidate of economic science, director of Centre of applied research at State University Higher School of Economics, president of Cultural Policy Institute

Chernyak Yakov

candidate of philosophic science, Deputy Head of Surgut administration, president of the "60th Parallel Foundation"

Lebedeva Yelena

PR-director of IMHO-club

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