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Nikolai Pryanishnikov

LAMBRARY: Library + Museum + Archive
European trends in new cultural institutes and Gjerdrum experience (Norway).
№1 (32) March 2009

Genealogy of the Сity, or Identities in Assemblage
History of a city can become an effective instrument of the city development. The development of the community is at stake as well.
№4 (31) December 2008

David of the Upper Volga: Success Technology
The history analysis of the present development of Myshkin town of Yaroslavl region.
№3 (26) October 2007

The appropriation of history
We shall continue the discussion of problems concerning the social stability of a city basing on one of the fundamental, strategic categories of a place – its history. Global or national chronicles concede to local and personal ones.
№4 (23) December 2006

Oxymoron of sustainable development
This article is about creation, for which rules and limits are of great importance. One rule I observe is an obligatory epigraph. This rule is difficult to follow: I have to look through many books, articles, sites… One day I understood – it is easier to create them myself. So I was made sure of creation productivity in practice. When you create yourself – you spare time. The epigraph to this article is its quintessence: development is impossible without creation and creation needs features, exceptional in our society, - freedom and responsibility.
№3 (22) September 2006

Cultural servises: standardisation and estimation
№3 (18) September 2005

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