Креативные индустрии ИД


Alexsander Toschev

Bilbao in the Russian Way
A short description of a project idea to regenerate Igarka – a former sea port of the Russian North which has lost its economic function and now could be transformed into a city based on a new for the North model using cultural concepts and new technologies.
№4 (31) December 2008

The Decisive Choice
About the project of rescue and revival of Igarka whose fate is just about be given up for lost. Cultural technologies as the last resort.
№2 (21) June 2006

From permafrost to the Sun City
The project “Polar Igarka: archive is reviving the city” was among the 17 winners of the 2nd contest “Museum in change in the evolving world” that was held in 2005 by the charitable organisation of V. Potanin, Ministry of Culture and Mass communication of the Russian Federation with the organisational assistance of Managers of culture association.
№3 (18) September 2005

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