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Gennady Vdovin

About Work, or Historian's Remark
On history of craft and talent.
№ 2 (33) June 2009

In Memory of the Yasnaya Polyana hemisphere.
When your world, created contrary to everything, taking the place of everything collapses and such simple words as “home”, “friend”, “family”, “intimacy” become something very strange, pretentious, nothing brings you round but work, alcohol and reading “War and Peace”…
№1 (28) March 2008

Tolstoy and the Kremlin
It is impossible to find such a town as Leotolstoy on the map of Russia. But nevertheless it is and it was named such a way in memory of the fact that the great Russian writer died there. A museum out of place is worse than any lack of museums.
№1 (28) March 2008

Memorial estate, a myth of the estate and a visitor of the estate
№3 (18) September 2005

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