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Evgeny Dukov

From Computer to Androgyne
№ 3 (34) September 2009

Entertainment History
Why has entertainment become so important since the beginning of the New time? It was known from time immemorial, wasn’t it? Why did its importance grow every new century in spite of strong opposition?
№3 (30) October 2008

What are we to do with holidays?
The social function of the holiday becomes prevailing for public life as a whole and for the economics of local communities. Meanwhile, artificial holidays turned into the obligatory element of the technology of history reanimation in the name of this day. What is the present holiday culture? And why do we need so many holidays?
№1 (24) March 2007

Art imbues the city
Is art a luxury or a necessity for a modern townsman? There are needs that develop a personality and their satisfaction can be recompensed only after a lapse of time. And there are stylish wishes, new standards of pastime and it is very easy to measure their efficiency – by a number of visitors, thousands of rubles and extent of “satisfied” population mood. How can a worn out state that offers to a sphere of culture and art a service model of functioning and gives it the only role of a “seller” in the market of spare time differentiate them? These are the issues of the article. Answers you can find only in the collections of school cribs today. By the way they are published in response to the demand of the population of school age. Do you think it is also a necessity?
№3 (18) September 2005

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