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Alexander Dolgin

What is Web-3?
In the speech of the professor of State University – Higher School of Economy, a known expert in the modern economy, the matter will concern the new cultural practice which is realized by millions of people in Internet.
№1 (28) March 2008

Is the market without copyright possible?
The article issues from problems of the new legislation of intellectual property protection as well. But here the author is interested not so much in juridical casuistry as in the sense and the future of copyright, of this pillar of the modern commercial culture, in the conditions of impetuous development of informational technologies. What is the alternative?
№1 (24) March 2007

New Economy of Culture
The main goal of this book is to introduce a new scientific discipline which would answer the call of the modern times. The author puts forward an innovative set of management tools.
№4 (23) December 2006

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