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Linda Moss

Arctic Roll? Cultural Industries and Tourism Development in Russian Karelia: can it succeed?
The English expert makes an analysis of potential for, and barriers to, cultural industries and cultural tourism development in Russia. Unprejudiced point of view and unexpected observations. Why does culture still take weak stand in Russian market?
№4 (23) December 2006

Constructing White Elephants
Why do some big investment projects on creationg cultural centres fail? What do we need to think of to avoid a loud void in places that were created for people to spend their time? The British expert on cultural industries, Linda Moss, recounts how to avoid irretrievable mistakes while planning dimensioned cultural projects.
№1 (16) March 2005

Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire
Sheffield's Cultural Industries Quarter has been working for 20 years. It was a pioneer of now well developed in Europe and is being promoted in Russia. What can be learned from this pioneering example?
№4 (15) December 2004

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