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Ekaterina Gandrabura

Delicious History - Chance for Kolomna
In 2007 with the help of grant contest ‘The Changing Museum in the Changing World’ of Vladimir Potanin’s foundation a private museum ‘Pastila of Kolomna’ was opened.
№ 2 (33) June 2009

City Athenaeum
The University is often the main enterprise in the city, an organic part of its image, thereby plays an essential role in the development of the city territory. How do the cities use the capabilities of the educated people? What kind of relation between city and its university would be healthful?
№2 (29) June 2008

Creative Partnership
At first, the topic of my lecture surprised me. The point is that I have been working in the Institute of Urban Economics Fund for the last two years where I have been dealing with projects concerning partnership of business and authorities. The department I have been working in is called “the Social Partnership Department”. At the same time my colleagues and I have been working on the projects aimed at developing a number of towns where creativity and art play a very important role. In this sense creative partnership was a kind of challenge to me. I had to recall all known examples of creative and partnership relations, and, in the end, I was able to formulate my own understanding of what the term “creative partnership” stands for. I would like to invite you to follow this way and take a closer look at different examples of creative approach to reality, which is fulfilled throughout the country.
№3 (22) September 2006

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