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For Authors

Journal ‘60 parallel’ is looking for new Authors. The journal explores how culture may be applied as recourse for development of human being. We are interested in how ‘culture’ may be used to improve everyday live. We think that ‘culture’ is much broader than professional art and entertainment. We also study urban spaces, senses and strategies of territorial development, and how on-going social transformation would influence social politics and culture. We highlight the practical aspects of culture: how its various recourses are used or might be used to make life better, more healthy, and thereby more humane and interesting. 

We encourage you to send us articles on: 

1. Theory and history of applied cultural studies, cultural development and humanities in Russia and abroad.
2. Regional studies, research in local, municipal and regional identities, implementation of these studies in creation of regional images and regional brands, territorial branding.
3. Contemporary museum, its status in urban (local) community and activity aims and intentions. 
 4. Various social identities and group ideologies – family, local, territorial, national and other identities. 
5. Heritage, memory, management of heritage and memory; politics of memory, its institutions (museums among them), ideology and values.
7. NGOs, social networks, social cooperation in cultural sphere, relations between groups and communities. 
8. Contemporary art, and its relation to such domains of contemporary life, as education, medicine, sport and others.  

The list of topics is not closed, and it is just an orientation. Our potential authors are professionals in various fields of culture, be it theoretical analysis, project making, urban planning and development expertise, art studies, anthropology and sociology, education, library and information or cultural politics. We are looking also for photography and design works, thus people working in visual arts and exploring the targeted themes are welcome to participate in the journal. 

Please send your English or Russian language contributions (up to 20 thousand signs) and photo previews to parallel60@bk.ru or nemtsev.m@gmail.com. Manuscripts may be in any typical format (preferably Chicago style). 
The journal is not peer reviewed. We usually publish new volumes four times per year with special ‘themes of the volume’. The journal language is Russian, thus your article should be translated into Russian. The journal internet archive is bilingual.
For details please consult or web-site www. journal.60parallel.org. If you have any questions please write to Mikhail Nemtsev by e-mail: nemtsev.m@gmail.com or call him by Skype at ‘mikhailnemtsev’.

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