Креативные индустрии ИД


Mission. To reflect problems of civil society, to unite efforts and work out new forms of socially useful activities. All these things are able to optimize life of a community and to correct ‘big politics’ costs.

Conception. The journal studies social and cultural processes, reveals and presents to its readers innovative approaches, opinions, tells about the most interesting and most promising projects, about Russian and European experience. What our city environment is filled with, what rules it lives under, what meaning and strategies are peculiar of modern administration, what reforms in social policy and culture will bring in – all these topics are covered by our authors, leading Russian experts, people who are busy with promoting their cities, with modern use of cultural heritage and new technologies in education.  

Targeting audience. Our journal addresses people who work with humaniatarian resources: experts in governmental and non-governmental spheres of culture, education and territory management; professors and students of departments of sociology, regional studies, social and cultural projection and management, philosophy, sociology; experts in spatial and civil development; explorers.

Information: relevant and universal. We make analysis of business experience, of non-commercial organizations, of city and regional administrative bodies, public activitiy, charity and culture in the broad meaning of this concept.

Experience: leading world’s and Russian experts and all possible projects in different spheres: from cultural management to creative industries, from local projects to system programmes of regional and city development.

Openness: our journal accepts suggestions concerning topics for public discussion, publishes different opinions. It unites community of experts with state mentality. At the same time our authors are creative intelligentsia, territory managers and people of many others professions who take their active life stand. They can never meet in real life but they will meet each other on the pages of our journal.

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